The fast pace action from mix martial arts (MMA) can often leave you mesmerized. A match can end in a matter of seconds with one blow. This gives you little time to find a streaming channel that would televise your favorite competitors match. To save the day, you should use the UFC Finest on Kodi.

Indeed the UFC Finest Kodi add on is perfectly fine. It is actually one of the few premium MMA add ons Kodi has introduced. You get different content to stream online from UFC Finest library. The most important element about this add on is that its developer (@DetectiveKodi) seems to care for it significantly. He is active on Twitter and posts updates, news and other happenings from MMA regularly.

Therefore, to help Kodi users, we have created this easy to use guide.By following these steps, you can install UFC Finest on Kodi, access different channels that showcase MMA action, and watch your favorite fighter compete.

How to Install UFC Finest on Kodi?

Below mentioned is a simple procedure for installing the UFC Finest on Kodi.

Step 1: Launch Kodi

Step 2: From the home screen, click on Settings, which is located at the top left corner of the menu

ufc finest on kodi

Step 3: Access File Manager


Step 4: Click on Add source

Kodi File Manager

Step 5: Click on None and enter the field and then click OK

Kodi File Source

Step 6: Enter the name of this media (you can name it UFC for simplicity)

UFC on Kodi

Step 7: Go back to home screen and click Add-ons. Access the add-on browser icon (located at the top left side of the menu bar)

 Kodi Add ons

Step 8: Now, click on the install zip file

Install UFC Add on

Step 9: Select UFC from the repository

Select UFC Add on

Step 10: Click on and hit OK

Repository UFC

 Step 11: Select install from repository

Install from repository

Step 12: Click on the Community Repository and select the video add-ons by clicking it

The Community Repository

Step 13: Click UFC Finest Kodi to install it

UFC Finest on kodi

Step 14: After successful installation of the UFC Finest, go to the Video Add-ons and click on the UFC Finest to access the addon


How to Overcome Geo-blocks on UFC Finest?

One thing you’ll have to keep in mind while streaming on UFC Finest is that many matches are subject to geo-restrictions. Like various broadcasters, UFC streams are also limited to particular locations. So, if you are located in the UK and want to watch fight taking place in Brazil, chances are that the match will be region locked.

Get resolve this issue and stream any match without interruptions, a Kodi VPN comes in handy. You can jump around the internet by adopting different virtual identities. This is made possible with a VPN server deployed in a particular location. Here are some of the best VPN services you can use with UFC Finest and enjoy the trilling action from the Octagon.