56 Best Kodi Addons — The Working List for Krypton, 2017

56 Best Kodi Addons — The Working List for Krypton, 2017

Collaboration of Entertainment Industry Giants for fighting against Kodi Add-ons

The entertainment industry giants such as HBO, Disney, Premier League, Fox, BBC, and others have decided to form Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) to fight against Kodi boxes and Add-ons. They have sworn to take actions against some of the most popular Kodi add-ons in their anti-piracy campaigns.

Geo-restrictions along with the copyright issues often act as an enormous hurdle for streaming. Do you know why is it necessary to have a Kodi VPN for easy streaming?

To ensure that the fans get the best of Kodi add-ons we have compiled a list for them.

Now enjoy hours of unlimited fun with the best Kodi Add-ons

Here is a great news for Kodi fans. You can now bid farewell to the obsolete and outdated add-ons from 2015. The exceptional Kodi add-ons for 2017 are here. You can now cut the cord and enjoy top-notch fun with online gaming, live streaming, and sports broadcasting.

For all the Kodi fans out there, we have conducted detailed evaluation and research to find out which are the best add-ons for Kodi for November 2017. These Kodi add-on promise to deliver the best entertainment options with tons of TV shows, movies, sports, live broadcast, and a lot more.

The top 56 add-ons for Kodi are compressed in a list of their categories in order to ensure easier scrolling through the categories. This will allow the fans to choose the best Krypton Kodi add-on from 2017 list.

  1. New Kodi Addons
  2. Add-ons for Music
  3. Kodi Video Add-ons
  4. Kodi Addons for Live TV
  5. Best Anime Addon on Kodi
  6. Kodi Addons for Movies
  7. Kodi Addons for Sport
  8. Kodi Addons for Android
  9. How to Install Kodi Add-ons

Top Add-ons List for Kodi

In order to provide you with an overview, here are the top 11 Kodi add-ons offering unlimited streamin content. We have checked all of them and found them in perfect working condition as of November, 2017.

  1. Covenant
  2. Salts
  3. Exodus
  4. Poseidon
  5. Quantum
  6. Rising Tides
  7. Gurzil
  8. Bob Unleashed
  9. Flixanity
  10. Deliverance
  11. Genesis Reborn

However, you must know that not all of these add-ons are supported by Kodi. In that case, you can find the alternatives or find the ones supported by Kodi on their official website. Moreover, a few of the add-ons mentioned above might also, be geo-restricted. Therefore, you will have to acquire a VPN in order to fully benefit from them.

New Add-ons for Kodi

The law enforcement agencies seldom notice the latest Kodi add-ons. This makes it easier for them to survive the longest. Therefore, new Kodi add-ons are considered more powerful than their predecessors especially when it comes down to maintaining activity. Here are the latest Kodi add-ons:


Similar to Mobdro, Mobdina is one step ahead of the other add-ons featuring the live broadcast from several IPTV channels all the way from UK, US, and Mexico. Moreover, it offers separate sections such as TV shows, Movies, Music, Live Sports and much more. You can find it in Playon Monkey repository.

The Resistance

Despite being relatively new, The Resistance add-on has taken the industry by storm. It is an excellent replica of Covenant and Exodus add-ons that successfully air TV shows and movies. In addition to being regularly updated and offering a superior streaming experience to the viewers, it also provides HD viewing.


Atom, a complete add-on for Kodi offers a huge library. This library has the latest movie releases, live sports, live IPTV channels, and even a kid’s zone. It has a separate log in option the Real Debrid users allowing them to stream channels worrying about the annoying buffering. You can get this add-on in Supremacy Repository.


This add-on offers TV shows and movies that have HD links. It is always updated with all the latest TV shows and movies. You can get this one from Soulless Build Repository.

 Strictly HD

Strictly HD is also, a new Kodi add-on. It has a number of features that compete with the other top of the league add-ons such as Bob Unleashed and Covenant. True to its name, the add-on only supports video links that are in HD or offer 1080p. By far, it is the best option for users who prefer to stick to HD quality material only.

Bollywood Shows and Movie Add-ons

Here we have made the dreams and wishes of all the Bollywood fans come true. This is the list of all the Kodi add-ons offering links for Bollywood shows and movies. Check out the following:

Snag Films

This is a must-have for all the Bollywood fans. It is the hub of Hindi Tv shows and movies. A huge list of categories appears SnagFilms add-on. In addition to Bollywood, you can also browse through Korean dramas and African movies, along with a number of other entertainment options.


Viewster Kodi add-on offers the Bollywood fans with the latest TV shows and movies, all under one domain. This amazing Kodi add-on also provides a synopsis of the movie plus its genre. Moreover, it runs a list of the popular genre allowing the user to select content from the list the category they are looking for.


If you are looking for an add-on offering the perfect blend of Hollywood and Bollywood content, then OmniMovs is the right choice for you. This Kodi add-on gives you a list of the latest Bollywood movies to choose from. However, it does not cover the Bollywood TV shows as of yet but with its exceptional service, it is still worth trying.

Premium Kodi Add-ons

You might find it a tad bit hard to pay for something that you think you can get for free. However, this is not entirely the case, for you cannot get for free even on Kodi, what premium Kodi add-ons have to offer. Given below is a list of Premium Kodi add-ons:

Vader Streams

Vlader Stream is definitely the best premium Kodi add-on that you will come across. It offers premium channels amounting to a 100. It includes HBO, AMC HD, Hulu, and a number of others. And you know what? It also features PPV events the likes of UFC and Boxing. All this at the rate of $10.83 per month. Now, who would not want to pay such a reasonable price. Moreover, if you do that, you will be saving around $140 on your charges cable service charges.

Players Klub

This one is created to provide the Kodi users with live PPV and sporting events occurring throughout the year. It also offers an exciting list of IPTV channels even including the premium ones. However, the video quality for the premium channels might not be very good but it is definitely worth trying especially when it won’t cost you a lot.

Nemesis Kodi add-ons

Nemesis is awesome since it covers every kind of media content available out there. However, it has a price. This particular kodi add-on is amazing in having a ‘Real-Debrid’ section. It is a kind of Kodi player, which downloads torrent. The charges for Nemesis is €16 per 6 months. It offers smooth video viewing experience and takes care if buffering issues.

The Best Kodi Add-ons for Football

What could be more desirable to the football fanatics than to watch the football leagues happening all around the world? Here are some great Kodi add-ons featuring live football action, expert opinions, and highlights of the matches. Do not forget to get all these amazing add-ons.

Channel Pear

This is an unusual but extremely entertaining add-on. When you will install it, you will be amazed to find it empty. However, it allows you to add channels to it via the Channel Pear website. It lets you select football channels from a variety of options available on its website. You can then sync it on your Kodi. This way you get to watch live matches and a lot more.

Sports World

This add-on is simply a lot more than just a live football match offering service. It offers you all kind of sports such as NFL matches. It has an interface designed to offer a number of sports categories locating football at the top. You can either choose to select matches from all the leagues or choose channels featuring your specific football match.

Elektra Vault

Elektra Vault add-on is exclusively dedicated to live sports. It features a separate section showing live matches only. It is often updated with the latest matches. Moreover, in case you have missed some important football match, you can watch its highlights with Elektra Vault as an add-on installed on your Kodi.

Geo-Restricted Add-ons

When it comes to geo-restricted add-ons, a Kodi VPN is often required in order to air channels over different countries. It not only protects your privacy but also your internet activity. Following are the best add-ons for geo-restricted content.

Maverick TV

This is not strictly speaking a new add-on. However, it has recently gained enormous popularity. It offers live sports, world IPTV channels, documentaries, movies, and a lot more but it must be used with a Kodi VPN. you can download Maverick TV from its own repository.


The latest StremHub is an excellent replacement to the previously famous Live Hub Kodi add-on, which was available at the StreamHub repository. This replacement has done a great job and has maintained a decent viewer traffic. Moreover, it also offers Mobdro, an excellent built-in add-on rather that is rather famous. It offers a number of live TV channels from all over the world. This is why to stream any channel located outside your country, you will need a Kodi VPN on this add-on.

Best Kodi Video Add-ons

For users who are interested in watching online videos, Kodi is the perfect solution. You can now stream an unlimited number of videos using the following amazing Kodi video add-ons.

Plex Kodi Add-on

Plex has only recently unraveled its latest Kodi add-on. Kodi users will be able to use this add-on. For the first time in the history of online streaming Plex will be collaborating with its competitor, Kodi to transform the video streaming experience for the best. The users will have to download the zip file, then connect to the Plex Server. Simple steps and they will have access to online streaming of TV shows and movies.

However, do note that you will need to get a Plex VPN in order to overcome geo-restricted content with safety. This will give you easy access to all the Plex channels.


Following the exit of Exodus add-ons, numerous Exodus forks were created. While Gurzil is one of them, it is just not like any other Exodus fork you will randomly come across. This one functions exactly like Exodus too. It offers all of the latest sources and links that are available out there for the streaming of video content.


Reddit is an insanely popular massive community platform that allows people from all around the world to interact and socialize. However, it offers several categories called subreddits comprising of different topics. You can use Reddit.com addon in order to stream Reddit videos on Kodi. Owing to the fact that Reddit has to offer millions of videos on a daily basis, this is definitely among the best video add-ons on Kodi. It allows fans to search, add, play, and even remove videos directly on Kodi.


This is a new addition in the world of Kodi video add-ons. You can get this add-on to enjoy an extremely pleasant streaming experience for the latest TV shows and videos. It has a user-friendly interface. It offers such an excellent service that you can compare it to the best providers such as Covenant.

Best TV Addons for Kodi

Are you a fan of bng-watching the ppular television shows, the like of The Flash, Dare Devil, Arrow, Game of Thrones, Black Mirror ? If yes, then the following Kodi add-ons are the best ones for you.


SALTS or streaming all the sources had been previous shut down because of the sudden absence of the Fusion Repository is back now. The developers team has now updated it with the latest links and new resources. It is now all ready to offer great TV shows to its viewers along with movies.


Youtube: This one does not really need an introduction with its subscribers being over a billion. Do you know that amounts to around one-third of the world’s overall population? However, what is interesting is that Kodi users can watch unlimited number of movies, TV shows, and a lot more with YouTube add-on on Kodi. As per the latest stats, YouTube enjoys over 1,000,000,000per day mobile video views.



This is a highly preferred add-on for Kodi for people who are binge watchers and movie enthusiasts. The popularity of this add-on is because of its impressive library featuring the latest classical, popular, best of the time, and most watched movies. Moreover, MetalliQ provides a number of block buster hit music and TV shows streaming. Therefore, it is called a one-stop solution to your premium entertainment problem.



BOB is referred to as the new-age addon for Kodi. After several of the Kodi, add-ons bid their farewells such as Blue, Phoenix, and Valhalla, this one came with an impressive media library. It offers an enormous music library, HD movies, and live TV all bundled together under one Kodi addon. Moreover, it allows the users to stream top-of-the-line shows, videos and enjoy hours of the most popular IMDB movies on BOB.

Best Kodi Addons For Movies

Do you know what is the most interesting feature offered by Kodi? It offers you content form a multitude of genres. You can choose from thrillers to actions movies. You name it!

Here are a few Kodi add-ons that feature the latest movies as well as the most popular classics of their time. Enjoy an amazing movie watching experience with all these add-ons:


Quantum is a recent add-on launched after the disappearance of the rather popular Sanctuary add-on. the Kodi world had been ruled by Sanctuary for many years since it offered TV shows and movies on-demand. Now, Quantum add-on is striving to meet that expectation which its predecessor had created. Try this latest add-on this weekend for an excellent streaming experience.

Genesis Reborn

After law enforcement agencies shut down the insanely popular add-on, Genesis, it was reborn as Genesis Reborn.Many users are unaware of its presence. The add-on has the same developers team who had worked so hard to make Genesis add-on a complete success. This new add-on offers all the features that Genesis originally featured.



Covenant, the official alternative to Exodus is now the most popular add-on for Kodi. This add-on is more stable than Exodus or in fact to any other movie add-ons. This is why the Kodi world has ranked it to be the most popular.


Exodus is considered the next-generation add-on on Kodi. Lambda has developed this add-on with a simple, straightforward, and sleek interface. It resembles Netflix in terms of its style. An interesting feature of this add-on is that it allows you to search content using the actor/actress name. Exodus is responsible for enhancing the streaming experience for users as it supports All-Debrid, Real-Debrid, and IMDB.

SafeHouse Movie

SafeHouse Movies Kodi add-on does not enjoy an enormous popularity that the likes of Exodus and Covenant enjoy. However, it sure has a lot to offer. Its content library contains numerous new and old movies, which are constantly updated. This ensures that the viewers do not encounter any bad links.

Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

If you are looking for options to watch live TV then Kodi has you covered. It offers various add-ons for that purpose. Here are a few that you must try:

Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV is an excellent add-on if you are looking for the live TV and sporting streams. Moreover, its media library is much more than your imagination. In addition, to live TV channels, it also offers shows, movies, and a Kid section. Also, it offers radio program. However, in order to get access to that, you should have a Kodi VPN.

cCloud TV

This Kodi add-on is based on cloud and features channels from streams all over the globe. However, thanks to the add-on nature, the channels are from different regions and are aired in different languages. Subscribers can enjoy watching the news, sports, and documentaries via the cCloudTV add-on for Kodi.

TuneIn Radio


TuneIn Radio is the ultimate option for those who love music and prefer live radio broadcast in place of on-demand music. Once you have installed this add-on on Kodi, the TuneIn Radio will allow you to access a number of radio stations as well as podcasts. Moreover, it allows the listeners to listen to broadcasts, the news, sports, and debates, on TuneIn Radio.e ultimate

Best Kodi Addons For Live Sports

A number of sporting events take place on a daily basis. While, it is impossible to watch all these events live, you can rely on Kodi add-ons for Live Sports to connect you to your favorite event in an instant. Here are some of the best live sports Kodi add-ons.

Stream engine

Stream Engine aka “Way to non-stop entertainment” is a unique add-on for Kodi users. It offers well-organized categories for TV shows, sports, popular movies, and Stream Engine rendering excellent entertainment encounter to users. Moreover, watchers get an opportunity to stream many channels such as ESPN Discovery, NBA TV, Sky Sports, and much more.


Deliverance is the latest Kodi add-on that received popularity in the chaotic times as Castaway Sports and SportsDevil add-on stopped functioning. Being introduced at just the right time, it gained fame in the sports add-on section. It has a huge library offering the highlights of earlier matches, but it is extremely popular for offering live sports telecast.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides lets the viewers enjoy live PPV events. A product of extreme genius, the add-on has made it to the top. Previously not so well-known, it turned out to be quite popular ever since the other big sports add-on experienced a downfall.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Firestick

When it comes to entertainment, Amazon Firestick has illustrious content to offer. Do you know how can you double the entertainment experience it offers? By adding Kodi to it. Use the Firestick to it maximum potential by adding in the following Kodi add-ons.


This one is considered as the best TV and movie add-on for Firestick on Kodi. It features an interface similar to that of Covenant and Exodus. In other words, it is simple to use. Additionally, its media library offers a lot and is updated quite regularly.

HEVC Video Club

HEVC Video Club is without doubt considered one of the best add-on Kodi for Firestick. It has been around for quite a while and is famous for its TV and movie sections.



FTV aka Film OnTV is an USTVNow alternative based in UK. This add-on has an enormous on-demand media library that features horror, sports, comedy and a lot more. However, in order to access FTV addon, you would need a FilmOn account.

Best Kodi Addons for PPV

Kosi users can enjoy a number of pay-per-views (PPV) live online. Here is a list of add-ons that are excellent options for live streaming of PPV from anywhere:

Planet MMA

Planet MMA was previously known as UFC Finest allows you to watch UFC pay-per-view highlights, fights, player face-off, old matches, and a lot more. This add-on has been shut down for a while but now it is back. This one is definitely a must-have.


VidTime is relatively a newcomer among the Kodi PPV and sports add-ons. This is a favorite addon among the fans since it offers live event coverage and sports. Moreover, the add-on offers exclusive coverage of MLB basketball, NHL hockey, and UFC events for viewers. It also features USTV Right Now section that provides users with the option of watching favorite sports events in HD quality.

Kodi Addons Android

Enjoy unlimited entertainment online with Kodi downloaded on your Android devices. Here are some great add-ons for your Android gadgets to let you enjoy Tv shows, music, videos, sports, and a lot more:


The iStream Kodi addon is among the top Kodi add-ons. It offers a wide variety of offerings, including best of the time movies from a number of genres, box office hits, high-rated movies, the Top 250 titles from IMBD, and films with the most votes. Moreover, the subscribers get to view the most popular TV shows as well as the latest TV series through iWatch and TV shows using the iStream addon.

NAN Tutorials

Noobs and Nerds or more commonly known as NAN Tutorials is an eminent Kodi addon for subscribers of all levels. The addon intends to grant complete support and knowledge on FAQs, basics, installation, and technical issues across diverse platforms. Moreover, the users can obtain detailed information on how to use Kodi on Linux, Windows, Android, Xbox, Raspberry Pi, and other platforms.

Football Repeat


Football Repeat is among the most preeminent Kodi add-ons offering one-touch access to a number of football matches. Football fans can discover highlights as well as the latest matches from Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Series A & Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and from several others. This makes Football Repeat, a preferred sports addon for Kodi users who are die-hard football lovers.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Kids

What could be the more fun for your kids than time spent watching movies, cartoons, and TV shows that are kids-oriented? These third-party Kodi add-ons customized for kid’s TV offer all the newest and the old cartoons as well as a list of informational movies to promote rational reasoning in children:




CartoonsOn is a third-party add-on that is a perfect blend for both adults and children since it offers old as well as new cartoons. These programs are added to the add-on’s media library. Further, its database contains movies including animated movies that kids simply love to watch. Anyone with kids needs to this add-on that is available at the Noobs and Nerds Repository.

Cartoons Clown

Cartoons Clown is indeed the best Kodi add-on available out there for kids. It is not just restricted to cartoons and any animated movies, but it also offers TV shows and movies that target young crowds. Kids are in love with this addon because of its extensive library and diverse range of content. You can get it from Kodil and Super Repo repository.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Fitness

Fitness plays a crucial role in an individual’s success. This statement stands true for almost all occasions. Kodi fitness add-ons, therefore, give instructions and details on exercises, health, diet tips, and other related matter. If you are a fitness addict, the following add-ons are definitely for you:

Ares Fitness

Ares Fitness add-on belongs to Ares Project repository, a popular fitness project. it offers everything desired by any fitness addicts. When it comes to fitness, it is perhaps the best Kodi add-on offering motivational videos, exercise and workout videos, and free lesson videos by famous instructors such as   Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks.


BAMF TV is not an add-on just focusing on fitness, but it also allows its users to watch a wide variety of sports videos too. It has a fitness segment that is full of tutorial videos by fitness experts instructing viewers about how to exercise in the correct fashion. There are also videos of these instructors providing useful fitness tips and diet plans. This makes it an ideal add-on for the fitness freaks.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Music

Music is the food of soul and is considered the cause of relaxation for body and mind. It liberates the body from anxiety and stress. You must be thinking what is the right place to get your hands on all the best music and that also under one umbrella? Here is a list of all the best Kodi add-ons for music.


BeatZ is a popular music add-on offering an extremely extensive music library. It never fails to please its viewers. The best feature of this Kodi add-on is its minimal dependency on YouTube. It collects its data from a number of different sources as it renews its add-on accordingly.

MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams has been about the Kodi world for quite some time and it has done a wonderful job since then. It lets you enjoy selected music of your choice that you might like if you are a fan of some particular music genres. For example, it offers sub-categories such as rap, metal, hip-hop songs, which further divided into several categories, thus bringing to you the particular song you are wanting to listen to.

Best Anime Addon on Kodi

Kodi is not just limited to TV shows and movies. You can also enjoy a variety of anime shows on it if you know which add-ons to look for. We have compiled the best Kodi add-ons for anime for you to select from and enjoy your favorite anime:


When it comes to finding a Kodi addon for anime, nothing beats KissAnime in terms of excellence for Kodi anime add-ons. It comprises of over 6,000 anime movies and shows, providing you with ample media to stream on Kodi. You get to choose from a variety of old as well as the latest anime shows that are currently on air. KissAnime offers a well-organized system allowing you to choose a favorite anime on the basis of popularity, genre, release date, or random browsing from the alphabetically organized list. You can get access to the dubbed animes as well. This, in fact, is the best Kodi addon when it comes to streaming Japanese animation.


As its name suggests, AnimeGo exclusively offers Anime films. In addition to its brilliant design, the fans will enjoy a full-fledge variety of media. AnimeGo offers over 500 anime movies and series. AnimeGo is bound to curb the cravings for manga action thanks to its high-speed streaming experience and different video quality that the subscriber can choose from.


AnimeFTW.tv is another interesting Kodi add-on for the anime lovers. Hosting a little above 700 distinct anime titles, this add-on offers high-speed videos in HD quality. The subscribers can utilize this addon to watch their most favorite anime series, including Death Note, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Digimon, and various others. When it comes to Kodi add-on for time, we would definitely recommend AnimeFTW.tv.

Kodi add on that don’t Work Anymore

Now that you know about the latest and leading-edge Kodi addons, there’re few obsolete addons that don’t work anymore. Thus, we have created a list of addons that were highly praised and popular in past, but unfortunately you can’t stream any media on them today. Below is a list of addons that are unavailable or doesn’t work on Kodi:

  1. HD BOX
  2. UKTV Again
  3. Castway
  4. Phoenix
  5. Navi X
  6. TwitchTV
  7. Vdubt25
  8. Evolve
  9. CNET Podcasts
  10. iPlayer WWW
  11. Zen
  12. Veetle
  13. XMovies8
  14. USTVNow
  15. NBC Sports Live Extra
  16. UK Turk’s Playlist
  17. SportsDevil
  18. Zem

Maintenance Tool Kodi Add-ons

If you’re running a free of cost open-source software like Kodi, then you must get yourself a Kodi add-on that will work as the maintenance tool, will clear the cache, delete the packages and thumbnails, and create back-up for your Kodi data. Here are some of the best Kodi add-ons offering maintenance tool:

Backup – Backup and Restore Kodi

Backing up their Kodi software is one the biggest issues that Kodi users face especially when a new version for Kodi is introduced. Backup Kodi add-on lets the users install the latest Kodi version that is accessible. Moreover, it restores all of the add-ons, Wizards, builds that were available to you in the former version.

Merlin Wizard

When it comes to deleting thumbnails, packages, and clearing cache, Merlin Wizard from the Merlin repository is indeed the ideal Kodi add-n. It speeds up the video streaming for you and heightens the streaming experience as well. It is an excellent buffering killer for that is a must-have for you.

Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard does not require any introduction since it is still considered a respectable tool in the Kodi world. Ares Wizard offers a lot of features and people end up missing its maintenance feature. It has the capacity to fix your Kodi issues especially buffering problem all the while letting your video run without any glitch. This is d would let your video run smoothly. This is a relaible Kodi add-on that most Kodi subscribers tend to use. You are requested to visit how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi for further details.

Library Auto Update

This Kodi add-on is designed to make your life easy. First of all, it is created so as to keep your media library up to date. This means that new TV shows and movies will be added to your library regularly. Secondly, it is programmed to delete all the sources and links that stop working or are not in access. As a Kodi user, you must have come across links and sources that do not work. It is high time to get rid to them for good.

Final Words

Now that we have told you all there is to know about the TV addons that are the best to be used with Kodi in 2017, you can enjoy hours of unlimited action and entertainment. You will encounter other popular Kodi add-ons as well. However, this guide covers the best ones for 2017. If you want to find out how are channels added on Kodi for the streaming of geo-restricted content, then you should refer to our simple guide of Kodi VPN.